National Pro Bono Day 2023

Uluru Statement from the Heart, 2017

Why the Voice to Parliament Matters

The Australian Pro Bono Centre is proud to mark National Pro Bono Day 2023 by releasing a collection of writings by six Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lawyers from the pro bono community. Each of the writers has beautifully and powerfully articulated why the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament matters to them, and why the Nation must heed their call to vote “YES” in the upcoming referendum. 

These pieces convey the authors’ personal views and do not necessarily represent the views of the organisations with which they are associated. 

The Australian Pro Bono Centre supports a First Nations Voice to Parliament. We are a member of the Allies for Uluru Coalition, which is led by the Fred Hollows Foundation, Oxfam, ANTAR and ACOSS, and comprises over 200 non-government and corporate organisations that are dedicated to advocating for the implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Australian Pro Bono Centre’s most recent National Law Firm Pro Bono Survey revealed that in the 2022 financial year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were the most common client group to have benefited from pro bono legal services. In every year that this statistic has been measured, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have appeared in the top three most common client groups. Together, the Australian pro bono sector is working towards a day when First Nations peoples are no longer disproportionately reflected in these statistics. 

For more information about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament, and about how to advocate for the “YES” campaign in your community, the Centre recommends the resources below. 

Further Reading

FAQs Uluru Statement from the Heart – Succinct answers to the most common questions about the Voice.

The Voice – The Federal Government’s official website for the Voice, containing the referendum question, the proposed constitutional amendment and clear information about the structure and function of the Voice. See the Community Toolkit for a collection of resources, including fact sheets, posters, social media materials and templates.

Indigenous Voice to Parliament – Everything you need to know – ABC News – A thorough and engaging explainer on the Voice, in a video under 10 minutes.

A guide to talking about the Voice to Parliament – A helpful guide with practical tips for talking to family and friends about the Voice.