Pro Bono Legal Work: A Guide for Individual Lawyers

Find out how lawyers can volunteer in a personal capacity.

What does the Guide include?

This Guide highlights the diverse range of opportunities available to lawyers who are interested in undertaking pro bono volunteer work in a personal capacity, outside of a formal program or through employment.

It serves to inspire lawyers to follow their passion and find pro bono opportunities that match their personal skills and interests.

The Guide is for lawyers who may be:

  • working part-time or reduced hours
  • retired or nearing retirement
  • on extended leave (parental, sabbatical, furlough)
  • working full-time and wish to volunteer out of work hours.

It lists a wide range of exciting opportunities available, including at community legal centres, independent not-for-profit legal services, through State and Territory referral organisations, and via global networks.

The Guide also contains some key considerations for volunteer lawyers, including constraints and regulatory requirements.

More information on sourcing pro bono opportunities is here.

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