Public Discussion Paper:
The Target At 10 Years

This year the we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the National Pro Bono Aspirational Target. Over the last decade, the Target has contributed to driving the growth of pro bono legal work in Australia.

The chart below illustrates the Target’s contribution to pro bono growth:

Public Discussion Paper: Call for responses

The ten-year anniversary is a time to celebrate these achievements. It provides an opportunity to reflect, consolidate, and consult, to ensure that the Target remains relevant as a benchmark of performance and a catalyst for further growth.

The Centre has released a Public Discussion Paper asking five questions about the Target’s operation:

  1. Should the definition of “pro bono legal services” exclude legal services provided at a substantially reduced fee
  2. Should the definition of “pro bono legal services” include some types of work done for particular clients operating wholly or partly for profit? If so, what types of work, clients or circumstances might be appropriate?
  3. Should “aspirational” be dropped from the name of the Target?
  4. Should signatories be encouraged to adopt an internal timeframe for meeting the Target? If so, how?
  5. How can the number of Target signatories be increased?
  6. Are there further measures by which governments could more strongly integrate the Target into their legal service tender arrangements and thus encourage further pro bono growth?

This paper is one of several opportunities to participate in the review process. We encourage you to send your response to the Centre at

Responses are due by 30 November 2017.