Global Opportunities

Public Interest Law Network (PILnet)

PILnet is a global NGO that creates opportunities for social change through the use of the law. The organisation engages, empowers, and enables all lawyers to use their skills to help organised civil society become more resilient and more effective in helping the most vulnerable. Lawyers can undertake advice and advocacy, research, analysis and drafting, and training.

For more information about PILnet and to join the network visit PILnet.

International Lawyers Project (ILP)

ILP connects governments, NGOs, civil society groups, and grassroots organisations in need of legal support with legal experts across the world, with a goal to bring about economic justice. ILP seeks pro bono expertise in areas of law including anti-bribery and corruption, tax reform and media freedom.

For more information about ILP and to submit an expression of interest in volunteering visit International Lawyers Project.

Thomson Reuters TrustLaw

TrustLaw is a global pro bono network that connects NGOs and social enterprises working to create social and environmental change with lawyers who provide them with free legal assistance. TrustLaw offers both advisory and research projects – lawyers can advise international and local organisations on their day-to-day legal needs and also work on larger, comparative research programs that focus on social or policy issues.

For more information about Thomson Reuters TrustLaw and to become a member visit TrustLaw.

Lathan & Watkins LLP – Global Pro Bono Survey

This Survey of Pro Bono Practices and Opportunities in 84 Jurisdictions is an initiative of the Pro Bono Institute and Latham & Watkins. The aim is to make information about global pro bono legal services more accessible. The survey was first carried out in 2005, updated in 2015 and again for 2019. It is part of an ongoing effort to promote and stimulate the growth of pro bono representation globally. It serves as an introductory resource for those seeking to engage or learn more about the culture and provision of pro bono in their own country or other countries. The full 2019 survey is found here.