How To Find Pro Bono Opportunities

In order to grow participation and excellence in pro bono, the Centre has collated the following information to equip pro bono providers with practical resources to find potential opportunities and reduce barriers to pro bono participation. Click on the links below to obtain further information on each of the resources.

Referral Schemes and Community Legal Centres

Pro Bono Referral Schemes

Many pro bono providers find that Pro Bono Referral Schemes and Organisations are the best way to source pro bono matters. These can be found in every state and territory in Australia.

Community Legal Centres

A wide range of pro bono opportunities are also available at Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Services.

Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool

To complement the work of the referral schemes and community legal organisations, the Centre has created the Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool to provide a directory of organisations across Australia assisting each of the thirteen priority client groups identified in the Law Council of Australia’s 2018 Justice Project Report.

Independent not-for-profit legal organisations

There are independent not-for-profit legal organisations across Australia that offer a variety of pro bono opportunities.

Global Opportunities

There are also many global opportunities for pro bono work.

Centre Publications

Australian Pro Bono Manual and What Works

The Centre’s primary guides are the Australian Pro Bono Manual and Pro Bono Partnerships and Models: A Practical Guide to What Works, which contain information and practical tips on finding potential sources of pro bono work.

Pro Bono Guide to the Climate Crisis

The Centre has published a Pro Bono Guide to the Climate Crisis, a leading guide on how lawyers can contribute to addressing the global climate crisis. The guide contains 15 different activities that lawyers can undertake to make a difference, with compelling examples from all over the world.

Pro Bono Guide for Individual Lawyers

The Centre has published a Pro Bono Guide for Individual Lawyers which lists a wide range of exciting opportunities available to lawyers wishing to donate pro bono time in a personal capacity, including at community legal centres, independent not-for-profit legal services, through State and Territory referral organisations and via global networks.

Last updated 2022.