How to find Pro Bono Opportunities
Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool

This project has been endorsed by the Law Council of Australia.

Background on the Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool

As part of the Sourcing Pro Bono Opportunities Initiative (the Sourcing Pro Bono Initiative), the Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool builds on the Law Council of Australia’s Justice Project Final Report (the Justice Project Report) by providing a directory of organisations across Australia assisting each of the thirteen priority client groups identified in the Justice Project Report.

Directories have been created for all the client groups identified in the Justice Project Report.

The Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool is a practical resource for pro bono providers that:

  • lists organisations working on justice issues for each client group and their location in Australia;
  • links to each organisation’s website including information about providing pro bono support, if available;
  • lists the Justice Project Report recommendations (the Priorities) each organisation is working on; and
  • the type of legal services each provides (direct legal services/policy reform).

To find out more about the Justice Project Report, please see here.

Justice Project: Pro Bono Tool

For each client group, the following resources are available:

  • Directory– a detailed document with information on each organisation, its work, what Priorities each is working on, and links to information on providing pro bono support .
  • Overview– an overview of the directory that groups organisations by the Priorities they are working on.
  • Infographic– a short summary of the access to justice issues faced by the corresponding Priority group, important statistics from the Justice Report chapter and a summary of the priorities outlined by the Law Council. This is also available on the Law Council’s website.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
Asylum Seekers
Children and Young People
LGBTI+ People
Older Persons
People who are Homeless
People who Experience Economic Disadvantage
People who Experience Family Violence
People who have been Trafficked and Exploited
People with a Disability
Prisoners and Detainees
Recent Arrivals to Australia
Rural, Regional and Remote (RRR) Australians