Representatives of Australia’s National Pro Bono Target

Community Support a First Nations Voice to Parliament

As members of Australia’s legal profession and signatories to the Australian Pro Bono Centre’s National Pro Bono Target, we unite to support a Voice to Parliament and a “yes” vote in the Referendum. 

The National Pro Bono Target is a voluntary target which we as law firms and in-house legal teams have signed because we believe in using our skills for a more inclusive, fairer and stronger nation for all.

The Referendum on the Voice presents a rare and long overdue opportunity to embed recognition of Australia’s First Peoples in the Constitution and a chance to create a permanent, practical means for First Peoples to advocate for laws and policies more responsive to their needs. In our experience, when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have a say in matters that directly affect them, we see real change and fairer outcomes.

We support a “yes” vote for a united future for our nation.